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Ear Prosthesis Part 5 (final)

Posted by Janet on May 19, 2008

I know it’s been a long time since my last post with the prosthesis. There were some major changes with the project schedule, but I finally finished the last part–the extrinsic coloring.

We started by visually analyzing the prosthetic ear from the last step to see how the colors match up with the patient’s skin. Then we decide which colors to apply for a better color match. In my case, the ear came out of the intrinsic coloring process a little too green and yellow, so I will apply various shades of red to even out the tone and bring the ear back to life.

The materials: color pigments and silicone (a different type from the ones used for the intrinsic part of the ear).


I put some pigments on a piece of palette paper and some silicone in a cup. Then I gradually mixed the pigments with silicone using a blunt brush until I got the desired color. The colors can be painted or stippled onto the ear. I found that when I stippled the colors, they tend to stick to parts of the ear in clumps. I actually preferred applying the colors onto the general section and then buffing the colors away using a piece of gauze to create a more subtle transition between the layers. Sometimes buffing the colors can make the ear too glossy, so I’ll reapply some texture by dabbing the ear using a textured surface.


Below: the prosthetic ear completed with extrinsic coloring.



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