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Hybrid Medical Animation

Posted by Janet on May 4, 2008

Hybrid, a medical illustration/animation studio, is recently updated with new illustrations and many new animations. Check out the spring 2008 demo reel at Hybrid’s illustrations and animations are characterized by its seemingly glowing and cheerful color schemes, something that gives an image that extra sparkle and something that we don’t see in medical art as often as we’d like. One of my favorite animations is this interactive heart, which can be shown either realistically or with a “glass” texture to display the actions inside. The Hybrid Process briefly summarizes their production process from start to finish.


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Posted by Janet on May 1, 2008

Call them micro-origami. Scientists at USC’s Information Sciences Institute (ISI) are folding tiny shapes together to form containers that can carry precise amounts of drugs for delivery. The research team cuts the shape on a flat surface first, creating a pattern with hinge areas to be folded. They next bend the hinges with magnetic force and submerging them in water, using water pressure and capillary forces to assist the folding process. They’ve also tried pyramids with different number of sides, cubes, envelopes, and other shapes. For the full story, check out

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