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News About Science Illustration Program

Posted by Janet on September 4, 2008

The Scientific Illustration Certificate Program at UC Santa Cruz, which is now a part of the UC Santa Cruz Extension, is facing issues of funding cuts. The lease on the University Town Center, the building that houses the program, expires in summer 2009 and the Extension has decided not to renew the lease.

Meanwhile, the faculty of the Science Illustration Program is looking for possible alternatives at less expensive locations as well as ways to support the space costs. Ann Caudle, director of the Science Illustration Program, states “…there is a deep well of support for our program amongst the faculty on the campus, in the scientific community, and elsewhere. We are optimistic about turning the situation around.”

To future applicants, the program encourages you to keep checking its website for updates, and do not hesitate to apply.

In a letter addressed to program alumni, Caudle wrote “After careful consideration, we’ve concluded that letters from employers of our graduates may have the greatest influence. Such letters would, ideally, clearly spell out the positive impact that our graduates have had on their institution (or their organization, or project).”

Graduates from other illustration programs or professionals in the field, the program needs your support also. If you are in a position to write an influential letter or do something to help, please contact Ann Caudle at or address a letter to Ann Caudle, Science Illustration Program, 1101 Pacific Avenue, Suite 200, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060.


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