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The Rest of My Trip In A Nutshell

Posted by Janet on July 8, 2009

Since my last entry, my computer died and I was traveling quite a bit so I lived without the internet for a while. It revived itself a week and half later like nothing happened. No one ever figured out what went wrong, but I spent a week backing everything up “just in case” it dies permanently.

During this period, I traveled for one more week in California visiting various people and attending events, went back to Chicago to pack, and drove to Virginia to settle for my internship at the Smithsonian for the next four months. After meeting lots of artists and scientists and traveling across the country, it’s time to settle down once again to focus on getting my degree.

Today began the first day of my internship, but first, descriptions and images from the time my computer died, and the week before that:

6/1: Aesthetic Prosthetics
Visited “Aesthetic Prosthetics,” an anaplastology clinic located in Pasadena. Spoke to Stefan Knauss, co-owner of the clinic and alumni from the same program I went through at UIC, about materials, techniques, and challenges of opening a business in the field of anaplastology. Mr. Knauss showed me a few prosthetic arms which were quite impressive:

6/5: DreamWorks
Visited the DreamWorks studio in Glendale, CA. It took a while for the visitor’s pass to get approved, but my contact Shannon T. (whom I met through this blog) and his coworkers eventually got me in. I had a nice chat with Shannon before he took me on a tour around the studio to see the flow of the production process.

6/7-6/8: visiting Ed Ross and Sandy Ross
I flew to San Francisco and took a ferry to Marin County before meeting up with entomologist Ed Ross and his wife Sandy Ross. Dr. Ross is now 94 years old and still actively publishing. Sandy made goose eggs for breakfast. Notice the size of this yolk!

6/10: Stanford Lab and phone interview with Anatomical Travelogue
On this date I visited Dr. Paul Brown’s at Stanford University, who took me on a special tour of the medical campus and gave me an in-depth look at the medical visualization works taking place at Stanford. Special thanks to Sarah H., one of Dr. Brown’s interns and my former classmate, for giving me a detailed look at the current works.

This morning I also had a phone interview with Anatomical Travelogue, a medical 3D visualization company based in New York. Unfortunately there was a major schedule conflict due to my prior commitment to the Smithsonian, so in the end it didn’t work out :-/

6/12: California Academy of Sciences and de Young Museum
On this gloomy San Francisco day, I went with a friend to check out the relatively new Cal Academy building and the nearby de Young Museum. Here I am, standing on top of the “living roof” of the Cal Academy of Sciences.

6/16: Molecular Graphics Lab
Drove two and half hours from Pasadena to La Jolla to visit the Molecular Graphics Lab. I found out about this lab through the 2008 AMI conference when lab director Dr. Arthur Olson and graduate student/medical illustrator Graham Johnson lectured on the benefits of using physical molecular models as research or educational tools. Dr. Olson, Graham Johnson, and other professors and students I met in the lab showed me different processes involved in making both digital and physical molecular models.
MGL1Above: Rapid prototyping machine printing an array of molecules.
Below: The finished molecules.

MGL2MGL3Above: A display case filled with molecular models.
Below: Comparing relative sizes of molecules.


6/19: Huntington Library, corpse flower blooming
When news of the blooming corpse flower reached us, we decided to visit and smell the odor. A day too late, the flower already wilted and the smell had reduced from the powerful “rotten meat” to a weak “rotten vegetable” smell.

6/20-6/21: IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show)
First thing at the show, I give prosthetic make-up a try.
Below: applying spirit gum to skin

IMATS1Below: Bullet hole on skin with fake blood. Move one more foot away and you won’t see the edges anymore.IMATS2Below: Airbrush demoIMATS3Below: Museum area showing masks and props from movies.IMATS4Below: Student competition (second day, fantasy make-up)IMATS5

One Response to “The Rest of My Trip In A Nutshell”

  1. Louise said

    Have really enjoyed reading about your internship, i graduated last year with an anatomical science degree and want to do somthing creative with it but have not found any jobs that combine the two…. this internship seems perfect tho! how did you find it?


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