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Posted by Janet on August 27, 2010

Oh, it’s been so long since I posted something here. Well, I graduated. That’s the big news. Now I work full time at Denoyer-Geppert, the medical model company where I interned a year and half ago. Eventually I do hope to go deeper into anaplastology and ocularistry.

While working towards graduation, it became increasingly difficult to focus on anything other than the research project. Even now that it’s over, I still find it difficult to start writing again. Hence, this will be the last entry on this blog.

Even during my long absence, I received occasional e-mails from readers with questions about medical illustration. I thoroughly enjoyed answering these questions. Please keep them coming and I will answer them as best as I can.

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3D Lamp Contest Poll

Posted by Janet on September 18, 2009

Here is the lamp shade I designed for the 3D Print Lamp Contest hosted by i.materialize for Blender artists:

cchao1-GFP-LampHope this appeals to the science illustrators and anyone else who’s likes proteins, jellyfish, or anything that lights up 😉 Please correct me if you catch any mistakes, it was getting late…

To vote for your favorite lamp design (and please do, the top 3 winners get their design fabricated and delivered), follow these steps:

1. View all the designs here.

2. Register with the Blender Artists Forum at if you haven’t already. Sign in.

3. Vote for your favorite design here. Only one design per voter.

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Print Your Own Lamp!

Posted by Janet on September 12, 2009

I will be blogging less frequently for the next few months. I’m trying to graduate by December so project research needs to come first, and time is running out…

That said, I’ve been teaching myself Blender over the past couple of weeks and just came across this 3D printing contest for Blender artists. The contest is sponsored by i.materialise, a 3D printing business. The rules for entering are simple:
1) Register with forum
2) Design your own lampshade using Blender, following the guidelines here (click “Download Plugins” on the left hand column, then download the pdf followed by the appropriate files)
3) Post 3 screenshots via Reply here

The rules are explained in detail in the above link too. The top three winning designs will be printed and delivered to the winners for free.

The deadline for the submission is Wednesday Sept. 19. Not a lot of time, I know. I wish I had found this sooner too but I’m going to give it a shot anyway. How many other chances do you have to have your own lamp design 3D printed for free?

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News Update 9/4/09

Posted by Janet on September 4, 2009

The Science Illustration Certificate Program, previously at the University of California at Santa Cruz, has moved to California State University at Monterey Bay. The program’s website,, remains the same. The program is now at:

California State University, Monterey Bay
Office of Extended Education
100 Campus Center
Corporation Building (201), 2nd Floor
Seaside, CA 93955-8001
(831) 582-4500

Read more about the move here:

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Redefining the Medical Artist Exhibit

Posted by Janet on August 15, 2009


I’m proud to announce an exhibit currently taking place at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago. This exhibit, titled “Redefining the Medical Artist,” features the works of students, alumni, and faculty of University of Illinois at Chicago’s Biomedical Visualization program, where I am currently enrolled.

Although the Biomedical Visualization program at UIC, or BVIS, is the second oldest medical illustration program in the U. S., the program continues to push into the future. Traditional medical illustration is still in our background, but students who go through this program are encouraged to embrace technology and changes. Modern medical illustration is much more than an artist drawing on paper, thus the term “visualization” instead of “illustration” is used to truly capture the meaning of what we do.

Currently too many people, including many medical professionals, are still unaware of the field of medical visualization. “Why do we need illustrations when we can take photographs” is still the number one question I am asked when explaining to someone what I do. In reality we do use photographs and imaging technologies as part of our working process to visualize things that cannot easily be expressed.

“Redefining the Medical Artist” hopes to address these issues by bringing awareness of this specialized field to the public and showing that technology does not replace the need for medical art. Rather, it allows medical art to thrive.

*Special Thanks to Meena M. for putting together this exhibit and for everyone who contributed.

Press Releases:

Exhibit and Museum Info:

“Redefining the Medical Artist”
August 7 – October 16, 2009.

International Museum of Surgical Science
1524 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60610 USA

Museum Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday

Free Tuesdays
Adults $10
Students/Seniors $6

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Chicago Art Institute Modern Wing

Posted by Janet on May 19, 2009


If you haven’t yet seen the newly opened Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago, do so now. The Art Institute offers free admission until Friday May 22. The architecture integrates seemlessly with the Millenium Park across the street via the new pedestrian bridge. The bridge is said to be modeled after a ship’s hull, and experience tells me that it can feel like one on a windy day too. On the top, the bridge leads to a cafe with outdoor seating and a modern style balcony overlooking the park.  The modern art collection doesn’t suit my taste but the architecture is amazing and I highly recommend.

Museum hours are:
Monday–Wednesday, 10:30–5:00
Thursday, 10:30–8:00
Friday, 10:30–5:00
Saturday–Sunday, 10:00–5:00

Admission is free until Friday May 22. After May 22, admission is free on Thursdays 5:00-8:00. It is also possible to get free admission any day by checking out a museum pass at any Chicago Public Library.

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News Update 4/7/09

Posted by Janet on April 7, 2009

For the past two weeks I’ve been busy, and with good reason. I found a summer internship at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History so I have been working hard trying to pull everything together, from finding housing to filling out forms. Did you know most interns need to be fingerprinted and go through a background investigation process to work at the Smithsonian? Surprisingly, the big new police station near my house doesn’t do fingerprinting, so I actually have to make an extra trip to downtown Chicago to get this done.

I have a few good topics lined up over the next two weeks, including a guest post on the importance of good postures in a work environment and an interview with a forensic image analyst. I would also like to share my thoughts on internship search. Lastly, I am currently working on a virtual reality project that I would very much like to share, just like I did with the ear project. However, a licensing issue may prevent me from using a software or showing images (of my own work!) on my website, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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Summer Forensics Art Course

Posted by Janet on March 7, 2009

I’d like to bring to attention a 5-day course at Northwestern University this summer. The course is designed as an introduction to forensic compositry and is taught by composit artist Lois Gibson. It takes place in Evanston, IL, just north of Chicago. It comes with a $900 registration fee and runs from 7/20/09 to 7/24/09.

To register, go to

The course is limited to 18 students. Register early if you are interested.

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IMATS 2009

Posted by Janet on February 20, 2009

I was very excited this week having found out about the IMATS, the “International Make-up Artist Trade Show.” As many readers already know, I was learning how to make facial prostheses as part of my graduate study at UIC. In the past few months I have been making prostheses for patients at the UIC Craniofacial Center (under the supervision of my instructor, of course), but always wanted to do something that involves more creativity. The IMATS, one of the largest gatherings of make-up artists around the world, features all kinds of make-up techniques, including special effects prosthetic make-up. I just read on the exhibitor list that factor II, a supplier of prosthetic materials, will have a booth at the show 😀

The show includes student competitions, a special museum exhibit, speakers, workshops, and more. It takes place this June 20 and 21 at the Pasadena Convention Center at 300 E. Green St. in Pasadena, California. If all things work out, I will be flying out to attend. Tickets may be purchased online here at the advanced prices until May 17.

Click here to watch exhibit videos.

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Website Updated

Posted by Janet on January 31, 2009

Check it out–my updated portfolio website with improved appearance and a selection of the latest works.

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