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Chris Welch Art

Posted by Janet on May 10, 2008

Some really nice illustrations/animations/sketches by digital artist Christ Welch– Thanks Scott for finding this link!

A few images from the site:





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Molecular Movies

Posted by Janet on February 8, 2008

One of the professors I TA for frequently uses videos and animations in his lectures, which I think is a great way to present dense information to students because it helps them visualize a concept right away and really stresses how dynamic cellular functions are. One of the links he sent me was As the name implies, this site contains animations on various topics of molecular and cellular biology. The “showcase” page displays a list of screenshots with a description and a link to the movie. I just watched one about apoptosis by Drew Berry and that just sends chills up my spines. “The Inner Life of the Cell,” which I mentioned in a previous entry, can also be found on this page. In addition to the videos, there is a “learnings” page where you can download tutorials for modeling molecular and cellular structures in 3D softwares (mostly Maya).

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David Bolinsky Speaks About Truth and Beauty in Medical Illustration

Posted by Janet on February 2, 2008

David Bolinsky, one of the creators of the animation studio XVIVO, talks about the essence of scientific and medical illustration– expressing scientific “truth” through artistic beauty. This ten-minute talk features numerous images made to educate students on the subject of molecular and cellular biology, ending with the three-minute animation “The Inner Life of a Cell.” A high resolution of this clip can be downloaded at

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